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How To Manage Your Freelance Writing Career

One might be working hard; it’s excellent, but is one also going smart? Effective performance can enhance one’s inflow, increase one’s productivity, and accomplish your freelance task effectively. There is something around your own boss, but it can make a big difference while one does it efficiently. Also, planned work done can provide time to get several new projects quicker. Several apps, books,  time management devices are created that are accessible to prepare the day to move more productively. Here specialists have created a list to enhance your effectiveness at work:

Schedule and generate deadlines to work on time

A freelance writing career provides you with tremendous versatility, but do you have a plan to save from additional troubles and assist you in managing the freelance task? The first tip is to check the working hours. It will help your brain to perform in a better way. Schedule some time to respond to sales, e-mails, reading, working for clients, and social media as all of them are necessary to grow the business as a freelance writer.

It is necessary to hold some deadlines to create a more reliable schedule. You can assign one from yourself in a condition where a potential client is not offering you some of the definitive deadlines.

How it is helpful:

While a customer is not specifying any deadline, you can send an email stating about the work progress and specify a date categorically while one will be mailing the initial draft. It has two significant advantages. Primary, this will keep updating the client regarding the improvement in their work and secondary; this will drive one to meet their deadline, which might not be done before. Ought deadline that forces you to finish your work in a schedule period. It will provide transparency and improve the effectiveness of your work.

Use some of the shortcuts to increase the productivity of freelance writing career

These are known as shortcuts because of a reason. This is one of the easiest productivity methods to perform some tasks faster. One can bind their commonly utilized symbols to their immediate launching taskbars. If one hits a specific site several times a day, design a shortcut on the desktop screen by copying any URL from its address bar to the desktop. One can also develop alternatives to the required folders that can be used commonly. Memorize shortcuts of a keyboard, and it will improve one’s productivity. One can google any regularly usable shortcuts of the keyboard.

Prioritize the work that helps you to manage your freelance writing career

Know which is the most critical work for a particular day and try to finish them in the slotted time limit only as one has many projects got from various clients, and it is useful to have an immediate chronological order of your work. One also utilizes Google Calendar to list each thing actively. To manage your projects, one can use devices such as Asana, Trello, Jira.

Asana is an exciting device that shows who is performing work on what, who is qualified for specific work, and when is it adequate. Trello’s boards,  cards, and lists allow one to prioritize and organize their projects in a flexible, fun, and pleasant way. This is excellent and most obvious for companies to cooperate on a single project. Jira supports the potential of each crew member by openwork.

Enable distractions that help you to improve freelance writing career

If you are a freelancer who is working from home, then there is the possibility of getting distracted, and it would be usual. One often has somebody talking nearer to you or at home, which can easily distract, and you might get included in the discussion. Sometimes one is completely immersed within a task, and their cell phone rings might distract their focus. Therefore, it becomes necessary to maintain your freelance writing career, and one can use headphones to reduce environmental distractions. They can turn off their desktop announcements and keep their cellphone on a preferred mode, which implies one will notice urgent calls only from selected persons. One can download some of the apps for this, such as  Anti-Social, SelfControl, and RescueTime.

The anti-social device lets someone block their access to various distracting sites. Just arrange a time to prevent and sites to match start and blacklist. Till tie breaks, one will not be able to reach those sites. SelfControl works similarly to Anti-social. RescueTime assists one to accomplish a balanced work-life. This aids someone to understand their daily habits by which they can concentrate and become more efficient.

Recognize your refreshment tonic which can be utilized for your freelance writing career

It is known to all that we become tired and exhausted after long-drawn working times. It is then necessary to know a method to re-energize themselves, and this will help maintain a freelance writing career. This can be anything that starts from taking a hot shower, listening to music, sipping a strong cup of coffee, a power nap that keeps one going. Using small breaks following every task can help you to keep motivated and driven for the whole day. Use Sociidot; this is commonly understood for a life coach in one’s pocket. This will assist one to stay focused and visualize their goals to them. It will motivate someone to achieve their goals on time. Sociidot supports a roadmap while one is working for a new and more genuine life story.

Socialize as per the requirement

“The only task without play addresses Jack as a stupid boy.” Get some time for socializing. There is the fact that one is not traveling to the office, which delivers this even more critical. This will not only retain one’s social talents sharpened but also reinvigorate them to finish their tasks. Any day one might hit a beverage shop and work from the place. One can sign up for myHQ, which can provide passage to various coworking spaces and coffee shops present in the town at reasonable prices. So, search for the tribe, engage and work with passionate, like-minded people, and support one another’s vision and dreams. Also, do not undervalue the power of social media for online work. One can practice Facebook and Linkedin for online socializing.

Know your average targeted time 

One is never assured regarding the time that they will need to perform work. We might feel guilty for underestimating and overcommitting ourselves; then, this is the time when the fudge ratio assists someone in making accurate time estimations. Find out the fudge ratio that indicates the time for estimating for some work, perform them, and analyze real-time to the expected time. Knowing the fudge ratio can make you make sure that one does not overbook their time. They should always keep 35% to 55% extra time, holding for anything that might go wrong. In this way, one will meet their deadlines more efficiently.

One can utilize Toggl to follow where one has wasted all their time during the working hours. Toggl lets one log how much period they have spent on every project and work both offline and online.


Working with anyone of the different media for a freelance writing career is always right. These media come in several setups and applications. It might be for curation, management, or to optimize the efficiency of the work, using a proper freelance writing tool. To assess the work specifications and spend it in one of the online freelance writing devices to manage freelance work efficiently.

Being the best freelance website, we have listed the top 7 tips for managing the freelance writing career up to an extent. Use them as per your requirement and make a habit of using these tips so that you can become more productive. Focus and suitable schedule are the two most essential things that are required to manage a freelance writing career. Use different devices or tools to manage work more effectively and get more projects from potential clients.

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