Freelance Writing Pitch

Ways to Perfect Your Freelance Writing Pitch

Are you not able to write an attractive freelance writing pitch?

Your only purpose is to translate your freelance pitch into a profitable writing job. Isn’t it?

You might spend umpteen hours writing pitches and applying for new freelance writing jobs.

Everybody wants to convert their writing pitch into writing work.

If you are having trouble sending out your pitches and getting nothing.

Here we are providing tips that will enhance your chances of getting freelance writing pitches and pointing out some common mistakes you might be making.

Your Freelance Writing Pitch

Learning of the Business 

Finding the company or blog on LinkedIn and checking them out would be the first thing that you need to do in order to apply for a freelance writing job.

For this, you need to see their website, see how many people they have on board, and see if they have a blog.

Besides, check out their social media profiles as well.

This information can assist you in customizing and tailoring your writing pitch.

Read the Job Board Pitch

The first three lines of a job you will get might be from a job board, so you must read the job ad first.

This will help you comprehend exactly the type of writing job that the board is seeking. Also, there is a need to add something extra to your writing pitch, such as your freelance writing rate or samples. 

Your Email Subject Matters

You might be aware that your writing pitch will be completed, among numerous other emails.

Consider how you can make your email subject stand out. Don’t be overly anxious, you need to make your email readable.

Generally, two things stand out to the client.

First, the email header works like an article header, so it should be read with the right capitalized words. 

Second, if I was concerned about the competition’s headlines, such as “job application for” or “interested in writing a job application for,” my email would be more promising.

This is because of the benefits that I will show them.

For cold pitching to potential clients, you still want to get their attention along with a good email subject line.

Albeit, there might be a chance that a person is getting requests from PR individuals, which are more likely to go to the trash bin. 

Make sure that your emails don’t sound like other PR emails.

Be Short and Sweet

In this busy schedule, people don’t have much time to devote to emails from an unknown sender. They devote a few seconds to such kinds of emails. 

So, ensure the reader will not regret reading your long string sentences. 

If I share my experience with you, I would like to tell you that I never read emails that are too long that I receive from marketers.

 Get straight to the point by answering the following key questions.

  • Why me?
  • Who are you?
  • What about your experience?
  • Where can I find out more?
  • Why do I need you?

Make your answer concrete for the client’s response.

Create Link to Your Profile or Work

The best thing is to link to a profile that is easily accessible.

Do link the text in the body and include it at the end of you email.

A year-old portfolio can also work for this.

There doesn’t make any hindrance to getting work in case you lack a portfolio or site.

Make Each Freelance Writing Pitch personal.

Don’t use the copy-and-paste technique. Instead, get the first name of the person you are emailing.

Use phrases like “Good morning, Jamini” or “Good afternoon, Robert” to make your freelance writing more personal. Addressing with sir/madam sounds too old.

Also, let them know how you found them.

I will request to connect if I find them on LinkedIn. It’s just another step to ensure you are in that person’s mind. 

Don’t worry if you are using a template in some parts of your writing pitch. It’s okay if some parts of your writing pitch are a template. 

Don’t Share Too Much

Although it’s okay to personalize your pitches, don’t share all your writing jobs or your introduction to freelance writing. Your pitch should be short and sweet, only sharing what is important for the client –  such as your writing samples and credibility in your writing niche. There is no need to share a nice testimonial from a previous gig in your pitch email in order to convince a prospect. Use only 300-400 words for your email.

Remove place for Doubt

  • Use strong and confident words for your freelance writing pitch.
  • Do you truly believe you are the best match for the job?
  • Don’t say you are a new writer or entering a new field.
  • Say bye-bye to words like “I hope” or “I think.”

Make each and every sentence a confident one. Don’t be too prideful or egotistical; you are searching for a potential client to feel confident in hiring you. Also, do not make them feel that they are about to take a risk.

Use a pitching tracker for  Your Writing Pitches.

Yes, using a pitching tracker in a freelance writing planner is the best idea to keep track of who and what you pitch. This helps in deciding which places are more converting.

Conclusion: Ways to Perfect Your Freelance Writing Pitch

Being the best freelance website, we have discussed some ways to improve your freelance writing pitch. If you see that your freelance writing pitch isn’t working for you, then this is the time to make changes. What you need to do here is mix up sentences, remove unnecessary items, and add different related links. Get determined about landing the online writing job you want.

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