How can I start freelance with no experience

How To Start Freelance Writing With No Experience

Many of you have read various articles on the internet about “how can I start freelance with no experience” or about “how to start freelance writing”. Nowadays, freelancing is one of the demanded online jobs. But, individuals do not have any idea how do they start it or how to become a freelance writer. With the help of some of the diligent work and methods that will provide in this post, help you to become a freelance writer.

If one has a method to compose their words and wishes to concentrate more on their writing to earn more money this freelance writing can be a full-time job and can be shared with other same-minded people. Several individuals can find their voice, and initiate their freelance writing for fun, as a part-time earning, as a professional career too. This blog has provided all the information about how can I start freelance with no experience and other relevant information. Before this, let’s get some information about what is freelance writing.

What is Freelance Writing?

Here is the list of different kinds for freelance writing jobs, such as blog posts, articles, or/and copy for the different kinds of clients. Here are some of the examples of different kinds of freelance writing jobs for beginners:

  • Work for emails for different business owners who say that they are not able to write well but requires to connect effectively with their clients.
  • Freelancing for marketing agencies that need copy descriptions like high-end jewelry. This might include writing kinds of stuff that are related to the products, such as beauty products, food, and snack products, and much more.
  • The number of blog writings, such as health, environment, education, and much more.
  • Freelance writing jobs also include writings such as introductions of various books of the poetries.

These freelance writing jobs for beginners can be the best choice to start their career as a freelance writer. These do not include formal training or any kind of expertise in grammar to develop the experience in this field. It can help you if one is naturally a good writer. There is also the possibility that one can have a point where you can tell a fusion story in a linear fashion, and enjoy the writing methods. But this needs a lot of practice that brings you to what you came for.

What do People love about Freelance Writing?

This job is super flexible: There are several things that you can manage along with your household work. Besides this, you can send your summer vacation with your family, knowing that one has a pretty much paycheck to spend. Plus, you can be your own boss.

One can actually use their English degree: Although it is not mandatory for how to start freelance writing. It can be a perk that makes you feel like you got your worth of money.

You can work with companies, clients, and non-profits in which you believe in: You can help them to share the messages, which can be the good options for freelance writing jobs for beginners.

You can earn a decent living: The starting monthly income can be maximized to the full-time earning and continues to enhance. Your business can comprise of different freelance services, such as writing, coaching services, editing, and content creation. It can empower you to understand that you are making a financial contribution to your family. 

You are thinking about how can I start freelance with no experience, and how to start freelance writing, where one can find freelance writing jobs for beginners.

How to Start Freelance Writing with no Experience

Start a Blog:

A blog can be the best option to learn the methods for how can I start freelance with no experience. First of all, starting the blog is the place where you can find your inner voice as a writer. One can also experiment with their writing style as you can write the kinds of stuff that you love. Practice makes a man perfect, and here writing can take daily or weekly work that you might be working to it since your high or college school.

There are various benefits of starting the blog, such as:

The blogs will act as a portfolio: When one has approached the potential clients, this is the time when they want to see your potential. Here you can show your creative ideas and write in an engaging way.

Blogging can build your stamina: You require that when one is writing, researching, and working within a deadline. Just think of your school time. How long did it take to write a 1000 words essay? Could one write 4+ of those writing per week? Blogging can turn you into a full-time job that includes affiliate earning and selling the products. Therefore, one can take it seriously for their future career.

Look for Freelance Writing Jobs for Beginners:

There are several various job boards that help you to connect freelance writers and clients. This might not be the high-paying work. Still, it can be a great choice for beginners who are thinking about how can I start freelance with no experience. The method of content mills work helps you to find writing jobs on its platform. You can take the opportunity and get paid. Besides this, you can grow the confidence and learn the different techniques to work within the deadline and work as editors. 

Here, we have listed some of the websites to start their career as a freelance writer:

  • Domaine.
  • Textbroker.
  • PeoplePerHour.

To get familiar with these websites, give a try to each of them. After this, select any of them as per your preference. Try to enhance your writing skills using these websites and get the benefits of them to earn more money.

Utilize the Freelance Marketplace:

Websites, such as Fiverr, Upwork, and Freelancer, are some of the online platforms that individuals and clients utilize to search for good freelance writers. These websites are the same as that of content mills, but these have even more personal feel as one can create a portfolio and get ranking according to your work. These websites can pay you more.

Track the Freelance Writing Job Boards:

Depend on one’s objective; this can a place where you can start with a little more serious about freelance writing. For professional writers, these job boards help them to find higher-paying work. These are considered to be professional as these might require your resume, work samples, or/and other things that require to define your writing skills.

This works as a ladder for how to start freelance writing with no experience. One is enhancing in these steps, and foot forward something new and bigger. The job boards for freelance writing ist both contracts work as well as freelance work for the part and full-time jobs. You also search for a location or remote-based writing jobs. 

Initiate with Guest Posting:

Writing articles for other websites can provide one of the awesome methods to enhance the freelance writing business, especially when one’s end goal is to become a full-time freelance writer. If you do not have such goals, then guest posting gives you the chance to work with a variety of bloggers that you admire. This will help you to grow their online business as well as yours too.

Guest posting initiates with blogs, and then one can grow their network with potential bloggers of your niche. One can comment on the articles, connect with clients through social media, and share several links with each other. Once you develop a better relationship with them, you can try to pitch the clients about guest posting. This is not a self-promoting method. Guest posting can be considered as a two-way street. You share, they share, and when it is not always direct earning, it will improve the chances of your visibility.

Supply your Creative Ideas to large/brand Websites:

Once you are successful in making a strong portfolio (a website or a blog is the best thing to represent your writing skills). Then, one can easily start communicating with larger websites and pitch them your creative ideas. If you find that you are doing several things for writing things about outdoor activities and sports, and you enjoy doing that, then you can pitch the posts related to outside or backpackers. Doing things related to cooking, again pitch something about eating well or the kitchen.

You probably get the ideas about how can I start freelance with no experience while reading this post. Go one step forward and search out the site’s name and write something related to your interest. You will find a lot of ideas about it. Besides this, you can understand the kind of content all websites are seeking, understanding how they might like the posts written and formatted. This will give you an idea about how to start freelance writing, including styles, such as MLA, APA, Chicago, and much more.

There are several kinds of freelance writing jobs and expectations about both online publications and print. For instance, all writers are not labeled as “contributors” as they are actually payable for the work. Those kinds of positions could provide you the exposure along with the incrementation of traffic to your website. These paying jobs might be lucrative, but they might also increase competition. This is the most common reason why people have listed it as an important question to understand how to become a freelance writer.


When it is about freelance writing, everyone should try some of these websites. Writing can be a good option as you have gone to your high schools and colleges and have some kind of writing experience. These experiences might be related to in-depth researches, editors, writers, and proofreaders, that help you to find freelance writing jobs for beginners.

Being the best freelance website, we have provided all the relevant information about how can I start freelance with no experience. This information is also beneficial to understand how to become a freelance writer. This shows that engaging content helps you to start your online career in writing. Once you reach your targeted audience, you can earn more money from their potential clients. Remember all these points and pursue your career as a part-time or full-time freelance writer to earn more money. 

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