how to start a blog

How to Start a Blog

There are certain techniques that are used to start a blog; you can implement these methods to write an informative and creative blog even if you are a beginner who does not have any idea about web designing or coding. With the help of some guidance and with the right tools, one can easily run its own blog up. 

There is a possibility that blog writing and post it on the right website might take some extra time. But, this blog will help you on how to start a blog step by step along with the mistake that you need to avoid. It sounds good, isn’t it? So let’s start to know the details on how to start a blog.

What is a Blog?

What is a Blog?

A blog is a kind of website that is used to focus on written content. In the early 2000s, you might hear that there are various blogs that are related to celebrities and news, but nowadays, there are varieties of blogs on which you can write your ideas. 

The maximum number of bloggers often write their own personal perspective, which helps the bloggers to convey their ideas to the readers. There is a commit section too where any of the readers can write their thoughts related to the blog; this helps the writer to understand what are the expectation of the readers to the blog and what they can do to write an innovative blog.

Blogging is the method to share ideas and to interact with other intelligent people. It also helps you to make trust with the readers, and this loyalty and trust help you to earn money from the blog too. This is another benefit of writing blogs. Now, before proceeding to the topic of how to start a blog, let’s discuss some of the reasons why you should write a blog.

Reasons Why Should you Start a Blog

Reasons Why Should you Start a Blog

There are various reasons to start a blog, and we have listed some of the major reason that helps you to decide the reason why should you start a blog:

Make money from home:

Writing blogs would be productive if you do it correctly. Several top bloggers earn a good amount of money; even a part-time blogger can earn a nice profit if he/she writes the data correctly. Blogging is another form of passive income, as you can spend some time writing an informative blog and then continuously make money from that post.

Share your thoughts:

A blog allows the writer to raise the voice in a positive manner, and that voice can be heard by most of the people. With this method, you can share your thoughts with the rest of the world. The most common method of writing a blog is diary writing, in which one can share their daily experiences.

Recognize your business:

Your blog can help you to work your thoughts into reality, and this can be possible by recognizing your business idea and then writing the blog with the respective field. Several bloggers are renowned as experts as their blogs are used as a movie and book. This happens because those experts have recognized the writing as a business, and then write accordingly.

Search for a community:

When you write a blog and post it on a website, people usually comment on the blog. This method can be a great thing to communicate with different individuals who take an interest in your writings. Blogging helps the readers to learn some from the writer’s experiences so that they can easily face the difficulty that would come in front of them. 

These are the key points for why you should start writing a blog; now, we will discuss the details on how to start a blog step by step.

How to start a blog?

How to start a blog?

Step 1. Select the name of your blog:

Select your topic as per your writing requirement. If you do not have any idea about what could be your blog, then we have listed some of the methods to find the blog. 

  • Passion & Hobbies: You can write about the topic for which you are passionate, such as travel, sports, cooking, fashion, and cars. Even you can write about your hobbies, and people get knowledge of it by reading your blog.
  • Life experiences: Experience is the best teacher. Share your experiences so that it can help others in similar situations. For example, a housewife can write her experiences about cooking, and how she manages her house finances, and much more.
  • Personal blog: This blog is all about yourself. For this, there are a variety of topics, from the daily routine to random musing and thoughts. This can be a great way to share your thought to describe your feels to others without sticking to a single topic.

Once you select a topic, this is the time to select the name of the blog, and it should be descriptive so that your readers have the idea about your blog from its name. 

Step 2. Select the right platform for your blog:

Now, you require to search out the website that is available at minimal prices for your blogs. We personally recommend you to get your own self-hosted setup by which you can post your blog. The free platform for you can be, Tumblr, or bloggers, but there are certain norms to use these websites. If you are more serious about your blogs, then you can move from these free blogging sites to paid websites. On these sites, we need to pay money to post your blog, but using this method. You can make your blogs available to the number of readers.

Step 3. Select a domain name:

Domain name helps you to get known on the online platform, and it will be yours till you pay the annual fee of it. The internet user who has the idea of your URL/domain can type it in the search bar and reach you directly. Your domain name can be as .com or dot com, and it might be the niche-specific or country base. 

Step 4. Get a web hosting account:

When you finally select a domain name, choose a reliable hosting service that helps you to manage the performance and functionality of the website. The thing that you have to keep in mind is that your website should be accessible for 24*7 for potential readers. And this is the place where your files can be stored online. Based on the various surveys, Bluehost is a reliable host provider, and 99% of blog experts suggest you use 

Step 5. Start a blog on WordPress:

This section will help you to know how to sign up on the web hosting account and the way how to start a blog on WordPress.

  • Visit Bluehost and click on the “get started button.”
  • Now, select the web hosting plan as per your requirement.
  • Write the domain name of your blog and register for Bluehost.
  • Choose your hosting option as per your need. It has different options for your plans from which you can select the option.
  • Now, you can post your blog with the help of Bluehost.

Step 6. Select the right blog design:

You have different options for selecting the theme for your blog. Then you can customize the appearance of your blog. Bluehost has a variety of themes from which you can select the theme as per your blog and content requirement. 

Step 7. Write the content and promote your blog:

After doing all the steps that are mentioned above. Then you can start writing content and promote the blog with the different readers. This will help the readers to learn new things. Start with the light subjects and then proceed to the further topics. This will help you to boost your confidence.


This blog has detailed all the points on how to start a blog. Follow all the steps to start a blog that can engage the reader with your thoughts and help them to earn money from blogging. Being the best freelance website, we can provide you the help with our blog that aid you in writing the data in an appropriate manner. If you want any kind of help for us related to freelancing, contact us.

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