How to write 1,000 words per day

How To Write 1,000 Words Per Day Consistently

It is quite common for a blogger that writing 1000 words per day is the initial goal that they have in their mind. But, this is not so easy in reality because it requires productivity and consistency in your writings. There are various bloggers and writers who require some kind of motivation, or a good feeling to write an effective article. But, it is not a long term solution for them, as they become used to it, and then they switch to another thing.Now, there is a question of why one needs to write 1000 words per day or sometimes 750.

It can be a random choice because it helps you to remain on top of your content, but your content must have relevant information related to your topic. Therefore, it becomes necessary to know your targeted audience as well as the effectiveness of your article with 750 or 1,000 words limit. This blog will help you to know how to write 1000 words per day.

Don’t Make Mistakes as Others Do

There are some of the writers who are greedy, and their main objective is to write almost 20,000 words with a month, even without knowing how to write 1000 words per day. Writers like Bamidele might write 5000 words in a single day as he was a seasonal writer. But for the beginners, it could be about writing 1000 words per day

Content creation is just as making the muscles, as there are various skinny guys who want to make their muscles in a short period of time. For this, they start lifting too heavyweights in their initial stage of the workout, and as a result, their muscles score. Therefore, it requires to first life light weights and then increases it slowly to become a strong person. Similarly, to make productive content, you need to start writing with at least 500 words a day, then keep increasing your daily word. Being consistent, you will find that your work is going with perfection, even with consistency. Now you might be confused with the question, “what if you take a break.” Well, this blog will give you the information about this too along with the other things like how long does it take to write 1000 words, and much more. 

What if One Takes a Break?

When you constantly write up to 700-words per week, there are several writers who took a 2-week break, and they face various problems to come back to their writings. But, try to remember the above-mentioned example of analogy with lifting weights and building muscles. It is just like leaving the gym for almost two weeks, and now you can imagine what does it take you to get back.

For being consistent, you need to start from a lower point and come back with maximum efforts. So, it is necessary to keep enhancing your daily output; therefore, instead of writing nothing, restart with 500 words per day. This might take some time to come back to 1,000 words a day, but this time it will not take much time. So, you can enjoy your holidays as well as your work simultaneously. 

How Many Words to Write a Day 

If one has the freedom to write all day, then you can imagine how high one would push their daily word count. But it requires a lot of effort and creativity to write useful information in your post. 

After a little bit of research for a daily count, we have come up with the information that, as per Hemingway, it must be written between 500 and 1000 words per day, whereas Stephen King claimed that it is necessary to write 2,000 words per day. There are various unpublished or lesser-known writers who have claimed that the blog’s word count should be between the range 500 to 2500 words a day, maintaining 1,000 as their average count. Therefore, it can seem that a different person has their own perspective regarding daily word count, but ideally, they conclude that it should be between 500 to 1500 words per day.

NOTE: Tips to increase the daily word count

  • Be consistent about sitting with your screen at the same time daily.
  • Brainstorm/Understand what to write each day.
  • Have a layout plan for your work.
  • Make a contract with someone else or yourself.
  • Keep an analysis of when/where/how you can be productive.
  • Search for the best productive location for you.
  • Use the Pomodoro method/write in bursts.
  • Set weekly objectives rather than daily objectives.
  • Ensure that none of the scenes are boring for you.

How Long Does it Take to Write 1,000 Words?

There are several people who spend almost 3-4 hours to write 1000 words per day, whereas others just take 1-2 hours for it. It also depends on your work experience, as they have the experience of writing 1,000 words in a few minutes. Besides this, it also depends on your work purposes like you have heard that SEO articles should have a minimum of 1,000 words, and it better to write 2,000+ for it.

However, it is not fixed on these numbers. The reason could be for 1,000-2,000 words is that it helps SEO to link the different sources and get ranked because of various long-tail keywords simultaneously. It means that a high-quality post with 2,000 words might take 6-7 hours on average, but it takes a few hours for an experienced writer.

We are well-versed with the fact that there are several writers too who might take half the time to do this. As some of them want to spend less time on their writing, and we have mentioned some of the tips that help you to know what are the points that depend on the answer of how long does it take to write 1000 words.

NOTE: Tips for writers to develop effective writings

Quality Over Quantity:

It is necessary to know that quality and quantity go hand in hand, and when it comes to quality, people need to write their post, including the research work of the topics, relevant examples, and other facts and figures. Therefore, if you think that all you can deliver in fewer quantity data. Then go ahead because it is better to write less rather than irrelevant content.

Writing Needs Concentration:

Avoid all kinds of distractions, such as social media, mobile phones, and other distracting things. Because they can easily distract you and can take a lot of time for yours if you indulge in these activities.

Write Needs Plan Several Times:

As everyone knows that planning can lead you to more productive and helps you to complete your work on time. Therefore, try to organize all the required things and then plan out your schedule as per the need.

How to Go From 0 to 1,000 Words Per Day in Three Weeks

With time, writers can refine their writing techniques to improve their daily output after taking a break. So that it feels incremental and easy without doing your work slow. Assume a situation when you are not even writing a single word a day. But one wants to write a thousand words. If it is your situation, then follow the coming schedule mentioned below. This will help you to achieve your goals within the three weeks. If you are one of the seasoned writers, then feel secure to skip these steps, but ensure that you do not try to repeat the same mistakes.

Week 1: Write Each Day

In the first week, we need to write each day, and initially. The number of words does not matter, as long as you write and sit for writing something. What is essential in this step is to search for a good time to write the things. List of this time in your calendar and make sure that it can not distract you.

It is an essential part that you need to be consistent for writing the things for each day. And then it is possible that one can train their creative muscles and then increase your daily output. Once you recognize when to write, just go for it. And it might be an article, a journal for your clients, for your blog, or anything. Write at least a single sentence, and it might sound stupid, but:

  1. There are various individuals who are not able to search a consistent time to write the things. That make it virtual fails even when they try to enhance the words count that they have written on their daily basis. 
  2. If you feel free to write something, then write a single sentence because it helps you to get started. Once you go through the flow, it will come quite easy to write a number of words without realizing it. 

Week 2: Increase to 500 Daily Words a Day

Now, you have to get serious this week as in the initial week. You have started your habit and able to find an ideal place and time to write down the things. You have already get habitual for your writings every day. And now you can easily increase the productivity of your writings.

We have recommended the 5-day plan for this week:

  • Day 1: Write 100 words.
  • Day 2: Write 200 words.
  • Day 3: Write 300 words.
  • Day 4: Write 400 words.
  • Day 5: Write 500 words.

If you work slowly and steadily, then 100 words writing is not an issue for you. But stretching directly to 500 words might be an issue. This implies that you are in progress, so try to keep going and embrace these issues.

Week 3: Increase to 1,000 Daily Words a Day

Surprisingly, 3rd week is quite an easy week for you. But only if you can write on a daily basis and can write 500 words in your previous week. So, now you can jump to the 1,000 words a day writing. Even you will notice that in your previous week, writing 100 words are more difficult. Than writing the 500 words this week. This is because once you are able to know what to write in your article. It becomes much easier for you to keep the flow of your writing.

Here, we have recommended what you should do in your week 3, and it looks like:

  • Day 1: Write 500 words.
  • Day 2: Write 500 words.
  • Day 3: Write 750 words.
  • Day 4: Write 750 words.
  • Day 5: Write 1,000 words.

And here you go with how to write 1000 words per day consistently!


Being the best freelance website, we always try to answer all the questions that a freelancer wants to know. And we do this by posting the blog related to your queries. In this blog, we have listed the methods for how to write 1000 words per day consistently, how long does it take to write 1000 words. And how many words to write a day. We have also provided tips and tricks to enhance your word count speed as well as.What if one can take a break from writing a post. Follow all these methods and improve your word count by up to 1,000 words and more.

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