Impact of Coronavirus on freelance jobs

What Is The Impact Of Coronavirus On Freelance Jobs

Several individuals turned out to be freelance jobs to earn income for the home. There are some of them who did it for freedom, health, flexibility. It can be any reason, and freelance workers succeeded so well that they can create new lifestyles by which they can inspire several other individuals to start their freelance services. In an article from Forbes, it is suggested that this freelance method could be the future way. But, all of the sudden COVID-19 (Coronavirus Disease 2019) lead everything to an unexpected point.

There are various schools, public places, and industries that are closed all around the globe. Because of this, there are several consequences and ripple effects that are not seen yet. Freelancing is not an exception that is affected worse. Rather than freedom, flexibility, and control, the freelancers are confused with the questions, like:

  • Where can one more work?
  • How will long Coronavirus last?
  • What will one do if their clients cancel?
  • What if anyone does not hire freelancers?

Various researchers and scientists are working 24/7 to get the answers. But no one able to find out how long the Coronavirus might last. But, they have concluded that Coronavirus has an outbreak of the income security, freedom, and cashflow of the freelancers as well as of the other. This might be last a few times. This blog will describe the reason for the impact of Coronavirus on freelance jobs. What can a freelancer do if he/she is affected, and the list of freelance jobs that are still standout. So, keep reading this article.

The reason Why are Various Freelance Jobs Affected so Badly

There are some of the freelancers who are well-versed with the risks when they decided to do a freelance job. Let’s take an example of it, and the freelancers knew that they are not eligible for any paid sick leave or health insurance offers by a company. Besides this, they are well-versed with the fact that they can not take government help for this. That is why they need to take responsibility for all the things, including the managing of the working hours. Or we can say that several persons claim that there is no stability in freelance work.

But, we do not think so, and we will explain it to you in later discussion. In this Coronavirus period, social distancing and fear have impacted on the career of several freelancers. Performers, artists, photographers, musicians, tutors, and there are many more freelance jobs that require in-person interaction, and as a result. There is no longer paying clients for such freelancers, and one can see the impact of Coronavirus on freelance jobs.

For this reason, various freelance workers are searching for online work, but here are the problems. Because almost all the businesses and companies have closed their physical locations and plenty of people. Who are not working, turns to an online job providing sites, such as Upwork and Freelancer. These new freelancers do not have a strong portfolio. Which leads to an increase in the competition for all the freelancers.

Besides all this, there is good news that not all freelance jobs are affected by Coronavirus. As per the Flexjobs, program assistance, virtual assistance, administrative clerks, accounting clears, and online teachers are still in demand. Almost all these jobs can be done with the help of the internet, computer, and phone. 

There are various companies who require the computer savvy and tech freelancers who can work for them. According to the Financial Times, in California, there are almost 15,852 tech jobs in the tech companies. That are moving to online work to maintain the pace of their businesses.

What Can a Freelancer Do if he/she is Affected?

Because of the outbreak of Coronavirus, you might be lost some of your clients. That might lead you to loss of income stream, and this is a scary thing. But you are aware of the fact that. There is always uncertainty in the real world, and it is easy to get depressed and panic. But, there is a thing that one can do that is “stay calm” and “be relaxed”. If you stay calm, it will be the best chance that you can give to yourself. This will help you to make good decisions which result in a sucessful future.

In this situation, when there is an impact of Coronavirus on freelance jobs, you are not an exception. There are millions of persons around the globe who are suffering from the same situation. Therefore, to give a start to the freelancers who have lost their freelance jobs, this blog has provided you several strategies. With the help of these suggestions and tips, one can move forward painlessly and quickly as possible.

Maintain the Existing Relationship with the Clients

It is quite common to feel betrayed and disappointed when the clients are no longer with you or cancel the services provided by a freelancer. But keep in mind that they are also in the same situation of shock and fear because of the Coronavirus. Therefore, try to maintain a professional relationship with your clients; this will help you to stand with your clients in the future too. These clients not only re-engage with your services but also appreciate your support with their contact. This will help you to build trust and make the chance of increasing your future clients too.

If you find some of the ways by which you can add positive values to their businesses and lives, then go ahead and help them in this situation of Coronavirus. Let’s take an example of it, try to find out the methods by which you can help your clients transition online or ask yourself about it. Check whether they are considering your provided services digitally instead of in-person contact or not. If they are considering it, then keep helping them but if not then try to improve your services which help them positively.

Get Client Testimonials

If you find that your clients might not re-hire you, then try to reach them quickly and request them to get the client testimonials. Because of the lockdown situation, everyone is moving towards online, and here digital social media is playing an important role in boosting up their businesses. So, try to collect various testimonials and recommend your ideas through the online version instead of direct interactions with the people.

If it is possible that you can get video testimonials, then go for it and request them for it. One can easily record a video call with their clients over Skype or Zoom. If the client is not comfortable with this, then move to the written or audio testimonials. Whatever the method you select, make sure that your clients do not have any problem with that and try to make them comfortable with all this. For this, share your ideas in detail before direct using any online testimonials.

With the help of client testimonials, one can build confidence and set up the course in the hours of need or in the situation of an uncertain economy.

Make a Strong Digital Portfolio

Always try to build a strong online portfolio; it does not matter what your freelance job is. If one is a photographer or an artist, it might be seen as a no-brainer. But what if their freelance job is not granting them to have a strong online portfolio?

If one is thinking about how one can showcase their unique skills, then do not worry as one can easily do this by creating the relative contents. Let’s take an example of it; one can create a blog post or video to showcase their expertise. If you find any difficulty in managing this on a daily basis, then you can add the content each week. 

Define your consistency with your creative content, and this will help you to a robust portfolio that shows your unique skills to future clients. If you want to create a course, then try to draw the material to create it with uniqueness.

Look Outside your Organization

If you have a little bit extra time in your hands, try to utilize it to check how one can easily use their specific skills outside their respective sectors. Let’s take an example of it if you are an artist, search the methods by which you can teach your skills to another person. Even you can work for any of the businesses that require animation artists for their online businesses.

Try to explore the different opportunities that you have not explored yet. It might be of different niche or different industries or even not similar to your profession, just give a try to them. Using this method, you can expand your knowledge and add some unusual experiences to your online portfolio.

Support Each Other

If one is a social individual and stuck in indoor activities all day, then do not isolate all these. Try to explore different activities, and even there are several virtual groups that are emerged to support them with helping them through online methods. Join any of the groups or all of them. Provide values to it, if possible, offer your services to these groups.

This will not only help you to make various new connections but also have the opportunity to meet various freelancers. If you find this helpful, then stay engaged and actively participate in these groups and offer services as per your skillsets. Ther might be a situation when you need any service for your work, then do not hesitate to hire any freelancer from your group. In this way, you can support each other as you are aware of the fact that there is a huge impact of Coronavirus on freelance jobs.

Learn a New Payable Skill 

You might be thinking that it is obvious that you utilize your free time to learn new things. But, it might be related to your profession, or it might be completely different. You can go with any of these, just keep in mind that try to learn the things that can help you to earn more through online freelance jobs.

There are several people who panic and engage in activities that do not help them in the long run. That is why do not stick in those things, try to refine your knowledge, and become an expert in your field. Try to approach your dream clients and help them in this situation of the outbreak of Coronavirus.

Freelance Jobs that Still Stand Out

Measures of self-quarantine and social distancing are responsible for moving the physical market to digital platforms. If you have a command on the computer system, one can easily find a job that can help you to polish up your skills through online methods. But there might be a problem if you do not know the difference between ports and coding. That is why we have listed some of the freelance jobs that are still stand out in the situation when there is an impact of Coronavirus on freelance jobs. Let’s check all these freelance jobs.


There are experts or consultants who can provide particular advice to individuals. If you have any specific skills, try to help others and their businesses by sharing relevant information and knowledge. There are various consulting jobs, such as web designing consultants, business consulting, and marketing consulting.

As you are a professional in your core field, you can work from any place all around the world using online education platforms and social media.


This is another profile that faces a minimal impact of Coronavirus on freelance jobs. As there are various individuals are purchasing, entrepreneurs and companies are selling; for this, one needs copywriters who can create messages for video sales letters, taglines, advertisements, and landing pages. Skilled copywriters have the skill of problem-solving, wordsmithing, well-developed research, and strategizing.

The projects and documents are easy to share through online methods such as Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, and much more. Therefore, copywriters can easily work for them from anywhere and anytime.

Content Writers

A content writer can work as copywriters, but they usually produce eBooks, podcast scripts, blog post, and much more that help the website to boost up their businesses through these writings. Content writers are important as they help their clients with the relevant data. They can also help to craft the notices and messages that work in favor of entrepreneurs or businesses. A content writer can also work from anywhere, and they are independent of timings too. 

Copywriting, consulting, and content writing are skilled jobs that are easily developed within a short period of time. With the help of guidance and the right courses, one can move to the best freelance jobs in several fields in weeks.


Being the best freelance website, we have provided all the relevant information about. What is the impact of Coronavirus on freelance jobs. It includes the details of reasons why various freelance jobs are affected. And if someone is affected by what they can do. And the list of freelance jobs that are still stand out in the situation of the outbreak of the Coronavirus and lockdown. As you have an idea what one can do in this period. We suggest you start right now. Do not keep thinking about all these points. 

Select any of the jobs and proceed as per your skills. If you find any difficulty, then take the help of others through online media. But try to follow all the rules and regulations that are implemented by your country’s government. You still have the option to earn money from home. So select the jobs and work as per your preferences from anywhere and anytime.

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