Is freelance writing a good career

Is Freelance Writing A Good Career: A Complete Guide For Beginners

Freelancing may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it can be a full-time career. It requires a strong determination to choose whether one can make this as full-time online work or freelancer with a side job for passive earnings. Freelancing has it’s own a taste of bad and good, but while it is done in the right way, it works with numerous perks of liberty,  peace of mind, and money—no norms, no boss, flexible timings, and work as per your requirements.One might have read several success narratives related to a freelancing career, which will motivate one to initiate a job in the field of freelancing. But, before making a decision, let’s read this post is freelance writing a good career? Have one ever thought about freelancing? Instead of having a productive career choice, some make this a top career option for themselves. There are several freelancers who do not get succeed in pursuing their freelance career.

It might because freelancing does mean doing the online work on various freelancing websites and begin their projects with potential clients. It requires a lot more than these skills to approach the goals and targets. Before reaching potential clients, one requires to pass several hurdles. Therefore, if one is planning to select an online freelance career, be sure whether it is best for you or not? 

What is Freelance writing?

The definition of a freelance writer is anyone who is self-employed or works on their own basis, not under anyone such as a boss. Therefore, for freelancing, one can consider as an independent business owner. In other words, a freelance writer can be recognized as anyone who is writing for several potential clients and get paid for each batch of assignments or per writing assignment. Because of the consistency and high-quality content, one can have various high-paying clients with ad hoc and recurring projects. 

There are various terminologies that can be used for yourself to define your freelance career on the basis of what service one wants to offer:

  • Content writer: The writer can focus on several kinds of content, such as blog posts, white papers, eBooks, and much more.
  • Content strategist: As there is a high demand for managing and creative data content, the content strategist can be worked as a freelance writer.
  • Professional writer: Once you have the experience of freelance writing of a particular duration, then they can officially know as a professional writer.
  • Freelance blogger: One who focuses on blog writings.
  • SEO writer: The persons who focus on offering the high optimization content which is written for search engines so that it can rank on Google search page.
  • Web content writer: These writers are offering their writings for the web pages.
  • Ghostwriter: They basically focus on offering the data without their name for blog posts, email, eBooks, website pages, white papers, and much more.

NOTE: One can call themselves a professional writer if they have been working as a freelance writer for almost five years and one who has knowledge of their niche.

Is Freelance Writing a Good Career or Not?

One might be confused with the question is freelance writing a good career option or not? Before, going to the conclusion for this question, we have some questions to discover is freelance writing a good career option or not:

Does one have a skill?

Several freelance specialists in different sectors are making money by working what they love, and one can also do a similar thing. If one has some specific skills, then there are high chances for people ready to pay enough money to you.

Nowadays, the competition id getting high day by day; therefore, it is necessary to have in-demand capabilities in which you are the best. But if one does not have, then freelancing might become an uphill task for you.

Does one mind work alone?

Freelancing is much more than just being a solitary career. Various freelancers come collectively to support something and engage with several potential clients. However, one needs to work alone most of the time. If one is spending numerous hours by own, working in their home studio/office, then freelancing could be one of the best career options for you. Let’s find out other questions that you need to ask yourself for is freelance writing a good career or not?

Can you organize your time?

Being a freelancer, one must have full command of their working hours. This will release you to a sense of enormous responsibility and help you become more productive. There are several talented freelancers who are successful in managing their time with the help of time-tracking devices to make sure you can use them every minute for your objective.

If one has an eye for features, and one is an organized individual naturally, then freelancing can support your character. But if one is not, then one can face a lot of problems very quickly.

Can you concentrate in any situation?

A huge draw of being a freelancer is that one should be able to work with an internet attachment potentially from anywhere. One can spend their mornings within their preferred coffee shop and evenings within a co-working place. One can operate a business for freelancers while exploring the things of the world.

All this can be possible, but when one can concentrate on their work from anywhere one goes. There are various distractions while working from outside their home, but if one has the ability to work in, then a freelancing career can be ideal.

Are you a self-motivator?

Almost everyone is self-motivated while beginning a new adventure or business. It is quite easy to get excited and more productive in the initial days. The difficulties arise after some weeks or months when business becomes a little bit monologue, or potential customers are hard to grow.

Successful freelancing needs a positive attitude and self-motivation. That means neglecting the attractions of social media, television, phones, and unnecessary approaches to nearer store. If one is good enough to motivate themself to meet the required objectives, then freelancing can be the best career opportunity.

Is one comfortable with uncertainty and risk?

This can be the major question about is freelance writing a good career or not. There are no guarantees about success while one initiates their freelancing career path. In fact, there are several individuals who try freelancing but quits in disappointment. With determination, hard work, and smart planning, there are various decent opportunities to perform great. But one never knows about when they reach their desired aims.

Therefore, it is necessary to get comfortable with uncertainty and risk. It needs enough time to make a profitable freelance career. And there is a fact, while one makes it, there is no guarantee of your clients that they will work with you.

Does one an effective communicator?

Self-confidence plays a vital role in communications with potential clients. Communication over phones is often required; this might be a little bit difficult for you or even for skilled experts. One will require to control, convey confidence, and like ability.

This might be exceptional about what one does. But if one gets nervous during their first telephone call, one might lose the possibility. If one can make a response over the phone comfortably, then clients will quickly come to you for work.

These are some of the questions that you need to understand about is freelance writing a good career or not? Besides this, freelancing can be a good option because of its various advantages. 

What are the benefits of a freelancing career?

  • It has a sense of freedom, which means no boss, no fixed timing, and other problems for freelancers.
  • One can easily work from home staying with family, friends, and your own living a comfortable life.
  • The freelance career requires an internet connection, a laptop, and a workspace where you can work comfortably. Besides this, it can lower the cost of travel for work, office expenses, and other unnecessary expenses.
  • Once you are successful in managing your time, you can perform several works at the same time. For instance, manage your meeting with your friends and work while talking to them.
  • You do not need to wake up early in the morning, get ready for office. Be your own boss and work at your convenience. You have flexible timings for your work.
  • There is an excellent chance for the increments, and all this depends on your hard work. You have several opportunities to do different work and learning things through this work.
  • There is the biggest benefit of a freelance career that there is no dress code for you. You can work in your comfortable outfits and enjoy your freedom of living.


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