Time management tips as a part time freelance writer

Time Management Tips As A Part-Time Freelance Writer

When a person starts his/her career as a freelance writer. There is the possibility that they only had 4-5 hours a day to do their work. Therefore, it becomes necessary that you have to grow a time management system. So that you can spend quality time for your writings that help you to grow your business.Before proceeding to the tips and tricks of time management tips. Let’s discuss some of the details on why time management is important and how you can improve your time management skills. This blog also has the time management tip that can aid you in managing your time for freelance writings.

Why is time management important?

Why is time management important?

Everyone knows the quote, “Time is money”; therefore, it becomes necessary to manage it so that one can work more efficiently. So, there are certain points that will show why time management is important for part-time freelance writing jobs

  • It helps you to accomplish your daily goals: If you have a planned schedule. Then it becomes more convenient to achieve your daily goals. But if you do not know that plan .Then the first thing that you have to do in the morning is scheduling your time that wastes a lot of your time. Therefore, try to schedule your day a day before. By which you will not only accomplish your daily goals on time but also can get some time of doing another work too.
  • It helps you to get more time: Everyone has 24 hours in a day, but the thing that matters is what one does in these 24 hours. Therefore, time management will help you to complete your work on time. But you can save your valuable time to think about work like where to start it, how to do this, etc.. With the help of time management. You can utilize the saved time to think about how can you grow your business.
  • It helps you to become successful: You might be aware of the fact that one who manages his/her time wisely, achieves more each day, have the feelings in control, and make a better decision as compared to others. Therefore it is one of the necessary steps towards your productivity; manage your time as per your requirement.

We have also provided information on time management tips that are listed below.

How to manage your time to work as a freelance writer?

How to manage your time to work as a freelance writer?
  • Use a planner: Several people enjoy listing the things. Which makes them feel like they have accomplished the desired targets on a daily basis. It is like an all-in-one system to manage the time. 

Some of the features of the planner are:

  • Pitch tracker: Always keep tracking your job board pitches, cold pitches, and guest pitches.
  • Writing goals: One can break their goals into the simple and easy steps that help you to stay focused.
  • Client profile: Manage the data of your freelance writing clients one a single place.
  • Invoice Tracker: If you are a beginner, an invoice tracker can works wonders for you to manage one or two clients. But when you have more clients, use an invoice tracking system, or a G sheet.
  • Article planner: Outline the clients’ information in the article planner. 
  • Use correct writing tools: If you are looking for part-time freelance writing jobs, then the below-mentioned tools help you to increase your efficiency so that you can work more easily.

Some of the tools are:

  • Title case converter: Several clients want their data in a title cased manner. Therefore, one can utilize it to align the content of your clients.
  • Trello: It is one of the free organizing tools that help to manage the schedule of your content. If you want to see all the things in a place, then this tool can help you. 
  • Emotional marketing value headline analyzer: If you want to optimize your headings. Then this tool can help you out to check whether it is connecting the readers emotionally or not. 
  • Grammarly: It can be used as a proofreading and editing tool. It can check spellings, grammar, and punctuations that can make your writing error-free.
  • Google Drive: Several freelances clients might request you to write their content in G docs, so you have to write them in your G docs. 
  • Coffitivity: This app will help you to write the content for your clients by listening to the hum-drum noise that keeps you focused.
  • Increase your typing speed: Everyone knows practice makes a man perfect; therefore, type your thoughts whenever you have the time so that you can increase your typing speed. This helps you write the content with high speed, and one can pursue his/her career in writings with part-time freelance writing jobs. Therefore, try to increase your speed up to 1000 words per hour. Which can boost your business of writing to a level.

Now, we will discuss the time management tips that will help you to improve your skills to work as a freelance writer.

Time Management Tips for Freelancers

Time Management Tips for Freelancers
  • Make a schedule: Several times, one has multiple things to do in a short duration of the time. Therefore, it is mandatory to short out the list into small parts and perform them sequentially. A schedule will also help you to remember all the things and let you do work more efficiently.
  • Prioritize: When you have a lot to do, it is necessary to prioritize your work as per the urgent requirement of the data. If you have the work as an interview, then it must be your first priority, as nothing is more important than your career.
  • Stay organized: Organize your work in a proper way by which you can decide what you have to do after finishing work. This also helps you to overcome the stress so that you can easily complete your work in a more effective way.
  • Start as soon as possible: When you have decided which work you have to do first. Then do not wait for the moment to start it. Just start your work as soon as possible. So that you can finish it at the time, and proceed to the next one. This will help you to complete the whole task in a short time.
  • Batch your work: Try to figure out a big project into the small sections so that you can work in a simple manner. This is not mandatory that each work should be completed on the same day. Figure out it, and proceed sectionally.
  • Focus: When you have the schedule of your work then you can focus on those tasks, do not get distracted, or do not try to jump out to another work before complete the initial one.

These points will help you to find the work as a part-time freelance writing jobs.



Being the best freelance website, we have provided the number of blogs. In this blog, you have the details of why time management is important, along with the time management tips. Because of these tips, one can improve their writing skills and work as a part-time freelance writer.

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