Top Freelance Writing Sites to Find Jobs in 2020

Top Freelance Writing Sites to Find Jobs in 2020

If you are one of the people who are searching for work from home. Then you might be aware of the fact that it can be exhausted task to search for a genuine website to work with. In this blog, our experts have tested some of the websites which are providing the facility to work as a freelancer and listed them as top freelance websites. So let’s check all the required details of each website. Before proceeding further, first, check what freelance websites are?

What are freelance websites?

These websites are the platforms that are used by the people who are looking for the work and the employers who post their tasks so that one can be carried out their work. Freelancing can be beneficial for the persons who want to pursue their hobby or talent as their career. One has the freedom to select the projects on which they want to proceed, or they think that they can do a certain work in a better way.

There is no need to say that these websites can help someone to start their career with freedom. These websites can be beneficial to find out your first client and to earn the trust of those employers. Besides this, these websites can help you to sharpen your individual skills by exploring the different projects from several employers. In the end, you will find out that these online writing sites help you to develop your portfolio by which you also get more job opportunities.

10 Top Freelance Writing Sites to Find Jobs in 2020

If someone wants to become a freelance writer, then can be the best platform to start your freelance career. It has all types of writing jobs such as blog writing, tech paper writing, case studies, and much more. This is the best freelance website that has several tools like keyword optimization, content analytics, and content planner so that you can use any of them to provide quality content.

On this website, freelancers can show their final projects publicly, so that the clients can pick any one of them to their work. It is useful to eliminate the method to select a person one by one. This website offers you various learning courses to enhance your skills and also teach you other strategies to pitch your clients in a positive way.

This website is included in top freelance websites that promise the companies that anyone can hire one of the most efficient freelancers from their website. Therefore, you need a strong portfolio to work with this website. Also, this website provides a better platform for the freshers so that they can enhance their writing skills and make a strong portfolio.

This is one of the best online writing sites that have more than 1.5 million freelancers. Who are availing of their services. Each of their work is always rated by their clients.Which helps others to select a freelancer as per his/her performance. This website is used for free by the freelancers, but it has a very tough competition. You always require to set a reasonable fee so that you have more chances to get hired.

This freelance site is one of the best websites that have facilitated as both online writing sites as well as blog writing sites. It has more than 32 million registered users on this website. To match your profile, there are more than a thousand jobs available for you. On this website, you do not require any cost for the registration. And there are more than a hundred vacancies that are posted daily.

After signing up for this website, you will be included among the 3 million freelancers. Who are working from around the globe as a writer, web development, and much more.

If you are looking for online writing sites, then this website can be the place where you can stop your search. It provides almost all types of writing career where you can transform your writing passion into your career path. 

This site is also included among the top blog writing sites; therefore, you can trust this site to pursue your career in writings. This site provides the facility of work from home so that you can work from anywhere.

This is another site listed in blog writing sites on our list for freelance writing sites. This is a well-established website that is known for its high-quality content used for digital, creative, and marketing purposes. This website always ready to welcome the fresher as well as the experienced writers so that they can showcase their writing skills through this website. They have mentioned a salary guide so that you can fix the amount of your work as per your accordance.

This website is also listed in the top freelance websites because it provides you with the opportunity to work as a freelancer from outside Europe or America. This site has an interface that is simple to use and offers the facilities that one expects from a freelance site. It provides recommendations, job alerts and many more facilities so that you can save your time for searching the jobs from the websites.

This site mainly focuses on providing freelance writing jobs that cover essay writings to professional writings. It allows the user to show their high-quality content to the clients. So that they can judge you on the basis of your work. So, you can start your career as a freelance writer on this website.


Freelancers can define that one is more flexible in selecting their jobs with the freedom of where and when they want to work. Our experts have checked these websites to list them in top freelance writing sites to find jobs in 2020. So that one can save his/her time from searching the various sites to start their career in freelance writings. Check these top freelance websites once and select them after checking all the facilities offered by them. When you find that they meet all your expectations, then you can pursue your career as a freelance writer. 

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