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What Is Freelance Writing & Types Of Freelance Writing

Because of several reasons, individuals are moving to freelance services as it offers freedom and compatibility towards the work. But, there are various people who are not familiar with the word “freelance”. If you are one of them, then don’t take the stress as this blog will help you to understand what is freelance writing and types of freelance writing.

This blog will give you the answer to all the question that strikes in your mind, such as freelance writing and its types, what kind of services one can offer with freelance writing, and how to find these writing services. So, get ready to navigate the wonderful journey to become a freelance writer. Let’s proceed to details, first discuss what is freelance writing before proceeding to its types.

What is Freelance Writing?

The definition or the actual meaning of a freelance writer is anyone who is self-employed or works on their own basis. Therefore, one can consider as an independent business owner. In other words, one can recognize a freelance writer as anyone who is writing for several clients and get paid for each batch of assignments or per writing assignment. Because of the consistency and high-quality content, one can have various high-paying clients with ad hoc and recurring projects. 

There are various names that can be called for yourself on the basis of what service one wants to offer:

  • Freelance blogger: One who focuses on blog writings.
  • SEO writer: The persons who focus on offering the high optimization content which is written for search engines so that it can rank on Google search page.
  • Web content writer: These writers are offering their writings for the web pages.
  • Professional writer: Once you have the experience of freelance writing of a particular duration, then they can officially know as a professional writer.
  • Content writer: The writer can focus on several kinds of content, such as blog posts, white papers, eBooks, and much more.
  • Content strategist: As there is a high demand for managing and creative data content, the content strategist can be worked as a freelance writer.
  • Ghostwriter: They basically focus on offering the data without their name for blog posts, email, eBooks, website pages, white papers, and much more.

NOTE: One can call themselves a professional writer if they have been working as a freelance writer for almost five years and one who has knowledge of their niche.

Types of Freelance Writing One can Offer as their Services

Now, you have the idea about what is freelance writing; here we suggest that initially, one should focus on services like blog writing as this can be one of the best and quickest types of freelance writing for beginners. Want to why? Writing blogs is the shortest project to initiate. Various blog posts remain between 700-1500 words, but there are some of the clients who want you to write almost 2000-4500 word blog posts, but it depends on the client to the client. 

Blog writing might be recurring for you; instead of a blog writer, one can hire you as a magazine writer or a copywriter. Therefore, being a beginner, you can start your freelance writing services like article writing, blog writing, and site content writing. Further, one can easily modify their service list as per their experiences and conveniences. As a beginner, one needs to focus on single or multiple services that can be selected from the list of types of freelance writing. Here is a list of some of the services that one can provide when they start their freelance writing career:

  • Ghostwriting: In this type of freelance writing, the content can not be published with the name of the writer. For instance, a customer might hire you to write an eBook and published it with their name instead of your name.
  • Social media marketing: There are several writers who provide social media marketing services that include handling social media accounts of the clients and updating them accordingly on a regular basis.
  • Editing: It includes services, such as basic proofreading and an in-depth approach to check the written material; this is known as developmental editing.
  • Copywriting: In this, one needs to write a copy for sales pages, press releases, the web, or use one’s persuasive skills for updating the websites.
  • Blog management: You can be responsible to manage writers for the client, edit, and publish the content for your clients’ website.

Offerable Types of Freelance Writing

Being a freelance writer, one can write content for several websites, not in print, but this can help you to learn new skills. So all you can do is online content writing, which is in high demand and has no shortage of freelance work. Here, we have mentioned the list of kinds of content writing to get started:

  • Magazine articles: This writing is more journalistic and formal in nature.
  • eBooks: Several businesses are using eBooks to grab the attention of the people to their newsletter. There are various eBook writings such as ghostwriting; that is why it can be a great experience to get started.
  • Blog posts: This is what one can write, and it is also in high demand by the companies.
  • Site content: Almost all the businesses have their own websites that consist of several pages. Being a freelance writer, you can be assigned to write their products and about pages. This leads to the list of copywriting.
  • White papers: This falls in the list of professional article writing which is used for small businesses.

Therefore, it becomes necessary to find out what kind of writing one would like to do. It might be an eBook writing that can be enjoyed. There are various small businesses and entrepreneurs owners who require someone to compose their eBooks for them.

Who Can be Your Ideal Freelance Writing Clients

Content can play an important role in boosting up the growth of all kinds of businesses as well as for the start-up companies too. Initially, you can approach the start-ups’ clients and entrepreneurs; therefore, it is necessary to find out who can be your ideal freelance writing clients. When you are successful to do so. There is the possibility that you can switch to different kinds of freelance writings. In your initial career and can work with the verity of clients to know. Who can be the best for you.

As you have the idea about what is freelance writing. You have supplied the list of types of client one can approach for their freelance writing businesses:

  • Agencies: There are various agencies that hire freelance writers to write their content. Various of them have a specific section to have a portfolio for the writing abilities.
  • Authors: The authors can be sought as the ghostwriters to write their books on behalf of the books’ owner.
  • Publications: These include newspapers, magazines, or trade magazines.
  • Educational establishments: This kind of market require a content writer to write their educational e-learning materials or courses.
  • Blog owners: A lot of content can be provided by niche blogs. Where the blog owner has a variety of blogs. But they do not have the time to write those blogs on their own. 

Tips for How Does One Can Find Freelance Writing Jobs

  • Understand the writing niche: Note down some of your favorite niches that can be related to your hobbies and past expressions. Select some of the most interesting niches and try them one by one. Finally, proceed with the most comfortable and accessible niche that can pay you easily.
  • Create samples for your writing portfolio: You can start with blog posts, and it should almost have 700 words. There are several topics on which you can write, such as e-learning, cleaning, and mental health. But, all these depend on your selected niches.
  • Make online pressure: This can be the hardest part to get online. But you can be started with LinkedIn and Twitter. These two social media can help you to make a thousand dollars with your freelance writing.
  • Start pitching: When you finally follow the above-mentioned tips, one can move to start pitching the desired clients. Your pitches must be short but include all the relevant information related to your services. Spend a valuable time to develop your pitches, and it should be sound professional too.

Using these tips, you can get started with freelance writing jobs. But try to research out about your clients’ company. So that you can deliver appropriate content to them.


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