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Writing Strategies To Boost Your Writing Flow

Being a freelance writer, one thing that anyone can proud of themself is the skill of writing at a fast pace. One can quickly access any of the zones of their skills and the things which are distracting you while writing the things. You can also access your flow, which might give you an overview of your skills, like writing 3,000 to 5,000 words within a few hours. But it is not possible over the night; therefore, one needs to sharpen their skills so that they can become more productive. Therefore, there must be writing strategies to boost your writing flow to know your skills and remain there for as long as possible.

Here the flow means that one can easily write the number of words with the time passing, which is not even noticing it. Might you think that is it possible? Yes, it is! In this blog, we have provided a number of strategies that helps you to get in the flow of writing and boost the productivity of your writing. When you get aware of your flow, then it will take minimal time to write something effectively and efficiently.

Know Which is your Sacred Writing Space

Chris Fox’s book is the first thing that brought the attention of the writers as well as the readers to the idea about know which is the sacred space for your writing. This writing strategies of space can be anything and anywhere, but you have to keep in mind that you do not let yourself do anything else in that space.

Let’s take an example of it: Do not write anything on set on a corner of the bed with your laptop if it is a shot where you check all your emails and social media there. Select a single space where you just write and spend some time to train yourself to write something new. This might take some of the days to make the links in your brain, and we are saying some of the days because a company has tested the idea and implemented this technique to their writers. This results in making the good flow after having a sacred space for the writings.

You also find that when you go to your office, your brain has the idea that it is the time when you get to work as soon as you sit down on your chair and open your laptops and open a word document. Here, you are not allowed to access your social media and your favorite shopping sites; therefore, this is the place where you can concentrate on your writings. Initially, it might take some time to get used to this space, but when you trained yourself to concentrate while writing, and you will find that it makes a difference to your writing flow.

Find your Productivity Time

You might not be aware of the fact that each person has their own productivity time. It varies from person to person, but the important thing is what is your productivity time. It might be between 10 PM to 3 AM, there are several people who night owls, so their production time might be 10 AM to 2-3 PM, but in this time you have to make sure that there is not a single distraction while writing the things. 

You might be thinking about how one can find their productivity time to make writing strategies. Well, it is a simple method! Try to track the workflow and word count at different timings of the day. This might be easier for you if you are working over the full-time, but if you are working from home and you have to take care of different things like children, pets simultaneously, then it might take more time to know your productivity time.

So, you can start with bedtime, waking time, and nap time and find how productive you are in these hours. If there is a need for hiring a babysitter, then you can hire them for your children during the afternoon or morning hours. You will find that you will become more productive at the same time frames.

Match your Writings with the Music 

One of the best writing strategies to boost your writing flow is to relax your mind by listening to the music as this helps in diminishing your house noise, and this will also help your brain to write while listening to the music. You can listen to one or two albums on a period of time, and you are able to listen to more music while writing the topics. With the help of music, you can find your zone of genius by which you can find your optimal time for writing in your niche.

You can experiment this when you have enough time, write a topic where you know your niche then try to match the rhythm of the music with your writing. To listen to good music in any genre, you can use Youtube, iTunes, or Spotify.

Use Different Detection Software

This is another point for writing strategies to boost your writing flow, and you can switch to the dictation software, which helps you to take away some of the handful of writing methods. When one starts using the dictation software, you will find that the words might feel choppy, and one might not be sure that which word can be the next to write.

Therefore, it becomes necessary to sync your mouth with your brain. One can easily find these writing strategies to do the dictation in any of the articles. It requires a lot of practice until one gets successful in arranging the writing flow of words, and figuring out the correct method of commanding to make the words visualization grammatically correct.

For example: if you are saying a sentence, “My cat, Kitty, is a good cat”. Using the dictation software, it will be written as “My cat comma Kitty comma is a good cat period.” the dictation software is smart enough as they know which word should be capitalized, such as the beginning of a sentence, name, and place. With more practice, you can write up 100, even more words per minute. With this speed, one can write more words in less time. 

You can give a try to the software like Dragon NaturallySpeaking, SpeechNotes, e-Speaking, and Google Docs Voice Typing.

Just Starts Writing

One of the best writing strategies is just starting writing as it is easier to stare at a blank white sheet, wondering that you are writing on a topic. Therefore, do not just wonder about it; just get started. No one is perfect, and nobody can write perfectly in the first attempt. So, do not hesitate about your writings; write the things into small paragraphs with the first idea that strike in your mind. Then give permission to yourself to go back and make changes to make it better later on. 

Sometimes, you will find that there is trouble in starting a topic on a particular piece, then you can try to work on different pieces on writing. This will help you to get in the mood of work and then go back to your daily work of the day. Besides this, you can use permission to get the rest of 15-20 minutes then come back to the track. Usually, it is sufficient time to give a break to your mental blocks.


This blog has provided the number of writing strategies that can boost your writing flow. Being the best freelance website, we have checked these strategies by implementing them on freelance writers as well as on other writers, and find that they are really helpful for them to enhance their writing skills. 

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