Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is mandatory to register as registration is one of the communicating methods to get projects/assignments.

As we have a team of professional writers, we can deal with all kinds of online content. These contents are not limited to blogging, article writing, business report, academic writings, ghostwriting, copywriting, SEO writing, marketing reports, creative writings, infographics, and much more. There are several-writing that include under academic writing such as dissertations, case studies, essays, term papers, and many more. We can offer you the projects/assignments as per your requirements and consider each point in your content.

To join hands with us, you need to fulfill some requirements such as:
Comprehensive knowledge: For being an SEO writer or an academic writer, you require to have a thorough knowledge of a specific field so that you can provide high-quality content.
Plagiarism-free content: Each writing that is produced by you must be plagiarism-free with 100% originality. We do not select plagiarized writers.
Timely deliveries: We do not want any kind of delay in submitting the writing to the clients; therefore, we accept the writer to submit their work timely.
Excellent english: A freelance writer must have a good command of the english language as we deal with the english language projects only. Always use proper grammar, correct spelling, and the right punctuations.

This website is one of the young industries, and we are providing the content to the students who are living across the world from the last decades. We steadily offer a platform for exchanging information that can enhance the knowledge of the students.

Yes, our professionals satisfy their clients with their work, as we have some protocols, effective planning, communication media, pre-defined terms, and 7 days working panel.

The types of projects we generally get from our clients:

  • SEO articles
  • Business reports
  • Online tests and quizzes
  • Blogs
  • Academic papers
  • Marketing reports

This is not the end of the list, and we get another kind of paper too.

If you want to prefer writing as a resource, then you can do so. If not, then you have to use the sources for your assignment on which you are currently working.

yes, you can change your contact number in your profile.

It depends on the figure of the assignments/projects that they have completed within the month. We never force our freelance writers to take an assignment. It depends on their own choice, and the earning range is approximately Rs. 20,000/- to Rs. 60,000/- per month.

While drafting any assignment, the conditions of plagiarism may arise when a writer uses someone’s exact idea, language, or other original content without taking the permission of the source. For further details, please check our section “learning center.”

No, you can not do that. You have to submit a 100% original work to your new client.

You can take it as a reference only if it is approved and published. Otherwise, we do not allow you to do so.

if you want to explore our Online Portal, then you need to clear an application test. Our online portal is a platform where all the clients of specific projects, you, and we can collaborate to carry out a successful project in question.

To get the assignments, initially, you have to clear an assignment test. After clearing the test, you need to create your new profile on the portal. Once you do this, we consider it from our side depend on the test’s score, and you can start assigning the assignments/projects. Please pursue the below-mentioned steps:

  • When an assignment or a project is sent, it will appear under the “Open Jobs” tab.
  • You require to select the assignment, and you will gain the overall information about the assignment.
  • Read all the necessary details, including issues and the additional information submitted by the student.
  • If you have any queries related to general consent, then you can get in touch with the team through chat.
  • If the requirements are suitable for you and willing to do the work on an assignment, then you can submit a proposal and start working on it after accepting the proposal.
  • Do not initiate any assignment until your proposal is not accepted, and we have assigned the work to you.

You require to log in to your tutor’s account and go to Open Jobs. For further details, you require to click on a specific Order Id.

Each assignment/project has a particular reference number that is an Order Id consists of 5-7 Numeric Digits.

No, there is no need to do so. Select the particular orders for which you are sure to submit quality content.

The number of the assignment depends on quality data that are provided by the writer. There are mainly three parameters:

  • Good quality work and deliver on time.
  • Frequently accessibility of the writer to initiate urgent works.
  • A minimal rework is assigning after completing the assignments.

For this, you need to go to the top corner of the right-hand side and click on the settings section, then select expertise, then a list of options is visible to you. Select and update your new expertise, then confirm/approve. Then you will be known for that new expertise.

No, there is no such kind of penalty. But we appreciate it if all experts will do the maximum work along with the quality content.

We pay through the online method of banking to Indian experts and use the PayPal method for the foreigner experts. To get the payments, one requires to update their bank details over our portal.

For such type of projects/assignments, the payments are decided according to the urgency and complexity. It also varies according to the research involved to do that particular work.

The payment can be made monthly. The amount for all the projects or assignments will be credited to your account on the 10th date of the next month.

No, currently, we do not have any other medium other than PayPal, but we are processing to get other methods too.

If you are not able not to update your bank details on the portal by 10th, then you will get the payment on the 20th of that particular month, which will be considered as the second payment cycle. As the change in the details of the bank is concerned, experts can’t change their details in the same financial year. However, International experts can do so but need to inform.

We will pay you the payments after getting the overall details, including PAN card number.

You can communicate with us using mail on [email protected] Also, you can chat with our company support executive through the “Live Support Online” option that you can get on the portal.

We are accessible for 24*7on a live support chat. To do so, follow some steps:

  • Search for the option “Live Support Online” on the portal.
  • Select the inquiry option, which is as allocation, then support and rework.
  • Write the name in the provided area.
  • Write the message in the space area.
  • Then select the start chat option.

Whenever we get your chat, our support executive will contact you and resolve your queries